Placebo – A Place For Us To Dream (2016) iTunes

Placebo – A Place For Us To Dream (2016) iTunes

Placebo - A Place For Us To Dream (2016) iTunes

Artist: Placebo
Album: A Place For Us To Dream (2016)
Genre: Rock
Quality: m4a iTunes
Size: 283 Mb

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1. Pure Morning (Radio Edit)
2. Jesus’ Son (Radio Edit)
3. Come Home
4. Every You, Every Me (Single Version)
5. Too Many Friends
6. Nancy Boy (Radio Edit)
7. 36 Degrees (Version 2016)
8. Taste In Men (Radio Edit)
9. The Bitter End
10. Without You I’m Nothing (Single Version)
11. English Summer Rain (Single Version)
12. Breathe Underwater (Slow) (Single Version)
13. Soulmates
14. Meds (Single Version)
15. Bright Lights (Single Version)
16. Song To Say Goodbye (Radio Edit)
17. Infra-Red
18. Running Up That Hill
19. B3 (Radio Edit)
20. For What It’s Worth
21. Teenage Angst
22. You Don’t Care About Us (Radio Edit)
23. Ashtray Heart
24. Broken Promise
25. Slave To The Wage (Radio Edit)
26. Bruise Pristine (Radio Edit)
27. This Picture
28. Protège Moi
29. Because I Want You (Redux)
30. Black-Eyed
31. Lazarus
32. I Know (Version 200
33. A Million Little Pieces (Radio Edit)
34. Special Needs (Edit)
35. Special K
36. Loud Like Love

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Friday, October 7th, 2016 Rock

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